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Welcome to the Westwood Medical Centre website, where you can access the wide range of health services available at our surgery. The site provides many online facilities, including appointment booking and cancellation, registration, prescription ordering, and much more. It also contains a vast range of health information and resources,along with practical information on visiting the surgery.We hope you find the website useful and informative.

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    Patient Participation Group May 2019

    Attendance: Elizabeth Rowe, Lynn Clarke, Alexander Robinson, Susan Scott, Patricia Gilbert Apologies: Peter Hunt, Antoinette Hunt, James Sutherland, Patricia McGuigan LC opened the meeting and welcomed all. Informed us that the last meeting was a year ago. The group were informed that Sarah had left the practice and that LC and ER would be taking the meeting. AR asked if the group could be reminded about what the PPG is about. LC handed out two pieces of information: 1. Meeting Ground Rules 2. What is a Patient Participation Group? AR suggested that maybe we could recruit more interest to the group by informing/inviting new patients when they register with the practice. LC informed the group that the DNA board was to be taken down as it was not up-to-date and going forward it a subject that we have covered at many meetings. SS discussed with us that a meeting she attends gives her many reminders about the dates and times of the meeting therefore the likelihood of you missing an appointment is rare. The surgery system does give you the appointment date and time and a reminder. PG shared her views as she attends many different surgeries with friends. Most widely used now is the triage system which means the patient calls the surgery at 8pm where your details are taken. Following this the doctor will triage the call and speak to the patient or ask them to come to an appointment. This system has been discussed at the practice and the doctors have decided at this time not to go forward with this. AR commented on the notice board and posters. We have duplicate posters and out of date posters displayed. ER asked AR if maybe he could come in to the practice and help to organise this. PG commented that maybe we could move the leaflet board on the reception wall to the other side and put a notice board on that wall as patients all sit facing the front. We now have a red carpet in reception. The idea of this is to keep patients back from the window with some privacy when speaking to the receptionist. To review this as it is not working. To try putting a line across where the patient can stand behind until called forward by the receptionist – watch this space! SS suggested moving the computer terminal directly in front of the window. LC informed the group that the surgery will be opening on a Thursday afternoon. This will be for patients to make appointments and to order prescriptions etc. There will be no doctor or nurse on the premises on that afternoon. There will be a doctor on call for the receptionist to contact if necessary. LC also informed the group that the practice will be offering two late appointments 6.30 and 6.40 for doctors and nurses, except Thursday. LC informed the group regarding Dr McDonald’s forthcoming retirement. He will be retiring at the end of June 2019. PG suggested that the surgery have a card for patients to sign. At the moment there are no plans to employ another doctor/locum. This is to be reviewed. AR asked if we could ask Dr Kukreja ‘what do you want from the PPG.’ SS did mention that it would be nice if one of the doctors could attend if only for 10 minutes. Next meeting: suggested dates: 9, 16, 23 September 2019. Please let us know the dates that you are available.

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